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What a Superhero Wants for Christmas


Stage Show + Film
The production opens on Zinnia, a superhero, greeting new students at the Superhero Academy. It quickly emerges that, while friendly and kind, Zinnia is lonely: she is so busy helping and rescuing others that the only companion she has is Zoop, her favourite pencil rubber from training school. All she wants for Christmas is a friend. 
Then, thanks to a bit of festive magic, Zoop comes to life! Zoop takes Zinnia on a Christmas quest to find Santa Claus, who he tells her can grant her wish. Zinnia and Zoop spend Christmas Eve flying around the world on Christmas Eve looking for Santa, facing many challenges and meeting interesting people along the way.
What a Superhero Wants for Christmas shares themes of loneliness, sadness, courage, love and friendship, and of course brings plenty of holiday cheer. In joyful colours and costumes, audiences are taken through four entertaining, original songs and meet an array of charismatic, whimsical characters. Viewers are encouraged to join in the fun with singing, movement and dancing as they wish.

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